Special Media


Product Cat. No. Volume
Tumor-Max, Complete Medium for Tumor Cells, with L-Glutamine, ready-to-use S0500-500 500 ml

Fibro-Max, Complete Medium for Fibroblasts, with L-Glutamine, ready-to-use

S0500-540 500 ml

Hybridoma-Max, Protein-free Hybridoma Medium, with L-Glutamine, ready-to-use

S0500-520 500 ml
CHO-Max, Protein-free CHO Medium, with L-Glutamine, ready-to-use S0500-550 500 ml
CHO.EXPRESS A S0500-400 500 ml
CHO.EXPRESS E S0500-410 500 ml
CHO.EXPRESS E S1000-410 1000 ml
CHO.EXPRESS Feed 1 S0100-420 100 ml
CHO.EXPRESS Feed 1 S0500-420 500 ml
CHO.EXPRESS Feed 2 S0010-430 10 ml
CHO.EXPRESS Feed 2 S0050-430 50 ml
CHO.EXPRESS Starter Kit S0000-440  
CHO.EXPRESS Expansions Kit S0000-450  
EndoMax S0100-470 100 ml
EndoMax S0500-460 500 ml
HepaMax S0100-100 100 ml
HepaMax S0100-500 500 ml
NK-Max S0020-100 100 ml
NK-Max S0020-500 500 ml


Product Information

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