Sera for Cell Culture

Serum is the blood component that can be obtained after coagulation and by removing cellular components. Besides serum proteins it contains, e.g. growth factors, amnio acids and hormones. This comprehensive mix makes serum one of the most important supplements, supporting cells to grow and proliferate in vitro cell culture.

Of special interest is fetal bovine serum (FBS). It is especially rich in growth factors and is particularly low in antibodies, which may influence the cell culture work.


The core competence of Cegrogen Biotech is the sourcing of animal serum for further manufacturing. Sera from Cegrogen Biotech are characterized by high quality, sterility and homogeneity.


Our product portfolio comprises:

  • Fetal Bovine Serum
  • Other Bovine Sera (Adult, Newborn, Calf Sera)
  • Other Animal Sera (Horse, Porcine, Rabbit, etc.)


Special treatments, such as Heat Inactivation, Gamma Irradiation, and special virus tests are available as a standard or can be performed upon customers' request.

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